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the greater lansing clergy forum is composed of  24 Greater lansing, Mi churches

Community Projects


Our Mission
The mission of the Greater Lansing Clergy Forum is to promote dialogue among pastors concerning issues that impact the spiritual character and quality of life for the citizens of Lansing, MI and vicinity; foster an environment of camaraderie and mutual support among pastors; to develop strategies that address spiritual, educational, social, economic and political uplift; and enhance ecumenical fellowship and love among pastors (1 John 3:13) through initiatives involving doctrinal exchange, corporate worship and educational advancement.
Greater Lansing Clergy Leaders seek to empower the disenfranchised and at-risk population groups that happen to intersect with our beloved Michigan based congregations.

The Greater Lansing Clergy Forum has awarded $34,000 dollars in scholarships to Lansing, MI area youth.

  • Fifth Sunday Fellowship Services
  • Holy Week Services
  • Seven Sayings of Advent
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Men's Summit
  • Community Shoe Drive
  • Partner, One Love Global
  • Partner, My Brother's Keeper
  • #BlackLivesMatterLansing
  • Social Justice Community Forums